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  Mobile Gaming USA May 14-15, 2013, San Francisco

America's largest mobile gaming conference is back for 2013!

Day One Day Two

Independent’s Day – May 13, 2013

5:30-6:30 PM: Welcome Reception

Presented by Machine Zone

Day 1 – May 14, 2013

8:00-9:00 AM: Registration

9:00-9:50 AM: (Morning Keynote) Help Me, Help You: Examining how mobile gaming has shifted traditional developer/publisher relationships

With the lines between traditional developer/publisher partnerships increasingly being blurred in mobile gaming, all parties involved are facing unique challenges as this relationship continues to evolve.

  • Learn how mobile developers that have crossed over into the publishing space are using their experiences to assist developers in the marketing and monetization efforts of their game titles.
  • Discover how mobile developers can build long-term relationships with publishers as the market evolves. Understand the types of revenue sharing options being utilized currently. Which offers the highest ROI for both publishers and developers?


Eros Resmini (Consultant)


Dr. Hanno Fichtner (Co-founder & Managing Director US, AppLift)
Kyu Lee (President, Gamevil USA)
Sean Spector (SVP Business Development & Content, GameFly)
Alex Adjadj (Director of Strategic Development, NAMCO BANDAI Games America) 
Jill Schneiderman (VP Games, SGN)

Marketing and Monetization

9:55-10:45 AM: (Keynote Panel) Budget Buster: How to combat the skyrocketing costs of user acquisition without breaking the bank

As the mobile gaming marketplace becomes more competitive, it's becoming more difficult than ever for developers to acquire new users affordably.

  • Understand the key factors involved in the heightened costs of user acquisition for developers. Are deep-pocketed publishers mostly to blame?
  • Discuss how new smartphones and tablets from Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and BlackBerry will influence user acquisition costs.
  • Consider cross-promotion: Can you survive by basing you user acquisition strategies entirely on cross-promotional partnerships?

Eros Resmini (Consultant)

Jason Hitchcock (Head of App Advertising, Aarki)
Glenn Kiladis (VP & GM, FreeMyApps - Fiksu)
Jean-Paul Sanday (Director of User Acquisition, Kiwi)
Beau Ross (Director of Marketing, Medio) 
Nique Fajors (Co-founder, One Spear Entertainment)

10:45-11:15 AM: Morning Coffee Break

11:20 AM-12:05 PM: Everybody's Got a Price: Making money in the freemium economy

While some mobile developers have made significant strides to monetize their FTP games effectively, many others are finding the FTP model to be a huge source of frustration. Our expert panel will break down their approach towards growing successful FTP game titles, and explain the challenges they are facing in a rapidly expanding FTP mobile gaming marketplace.

  • Learn best practices for successfully driving sales of in-game purchases/virtual goods for FTP games.
  • Understand how virtual and physical rewards can deepen engagement with your audience.
  • FTP monetization on smartphones vs. tablets: Analyze the similarities and differences in FTP monetization by device, from conversion rates to audience demographic details.

Rob Carroll (Chief Mobile Officer, 5th Planet Games)

Henry Oh (Director of Strategic Initiatives, Animoca)
Scott Prather (Senior Director - Business Development, PlayPhone)
Nick Bhardwaj (CEO, Beyond Games)
Sebastian Kriese (Corporate Development Manager, Wooga)

12:10-1:00 PM: Analyze This: Using analytics to help you understand, engage with, and monetize key audiences

As the mobile gaming marketplace continues to get more competitive, having a wide range of analytical data available that categorizes core audiences is crucial for developers as they seek to keep gamers engaged.

  • Overview of current trends in analytics: What are analytics specialists seeing from mobile gamers in terms of growing demographic areas, engagement periods, and virtual goods spending?
  • Evaluate monetization methods: How are developers using analytics to more effectively monetize both casual and hardcore gamers?
  • Whale watching: What techniques are developers implementing via analytics to engage with and reward their biggest spenders on a more personal level?

Sabrina Alimi (Senior Manager - Mobile Marketing Center for Excellence, IAB) 

Angel Evan (Partner/Head of Strategy & Analytics, Modus Operandi)
Becky Ann Hughes (VP of Marketing & Product Management, PlayFirst)
Joseph Kim (CEO, Playviews)

1:00-2:00 PM: Lunch

Discovery and Distribution

2:10-2:55 PM: Fishing in a Smaller Pond: Evaluating the mobile gaming market outside iOS and Android devices

The iOS and Android platforms have long been the dominant focus of mobile game developers. However, recently released devices from Microsoft, Amazon, BlackBerry and more have created a variety of options for developers interested in expanding the reach of their games.

  • Survey the mobile device landscape: Which platforms outside of iOS and Android offer the most robust gaming features and best app marketplaces?
  • Investigate monetization rates: How can you make more off games on these alternative platforms when there are fewer owners of these devices compared to iOS and Android?
  • Understand incentives: Many platforms outside the iOS and Android markets offer developers monetary incentives to develop games for their app stores. What are they offering, and how can developers take advantage of these opportunities?

Quinn Wageman (Account Director, TriplePoint PR)

Charles Huang (CEO, Green Throttle Games)
Kenny Rosenblatt (CEO, Arkadium)
Chris Mahoney (Director of Emerging Platforms, PlayStation)
Abhinav Gupta (CEO, Game Scorpion) 

3:00-3:50 PM: (Afternoon Keynote Panel) Discovery Channels: Navigating the mobile app marketplace to get your games in front of the right people

One of the greatest challenges that developers face is how to go about getting their apps discovered without breaking the bank. Our expert panel breaks down the keys to not only getting your games noticed, but noticed by the right audiences so that your games can monetize for the long haul. 

  • Discuss how indie developers can get their games discovered by the right audiences, even on a tight budget
  • Debate the pros and cons of 3rd party app discovery platforms to help increase your game downloads
  • Assess the marketplace beyond iOS and Android - How can developing for emerging platforms bring in more downloads and revenue for your game titles?

Jake Ward (Executive Director, Application Developers Alliance) 


David Diaz (Director of Developer Relations, SponsorPay)

Darya Trushkina (VP Business Development, Game Insight)

Fabien Nicolas (Director of Marketing, DeNA)

3:55-4:25 PM: Afternoon Coffee Break

4:30-5:15 PM: Taking Advantage of Tablets: From iPad to Surface, how to optimize your ROI on tablet games

Thanks to new devices from Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, 2013 is poised to become the biggest year for tablet games yet. Our developer panel will share the secrets to marketing and monetizing your tablet titles as the marketplace continues to grow.

  • Analyze the state of the tablet marketplace: What are the pros and cons of game monetization opportunities on each of the major tablets?
  • Discuss discovery: How are developers combating discoverability challenges for their games as the tablet gaming market gets more crowded?
  • Understand how tablets alter the user experience and social connectivity.

Eric Hettena (Account Manager, TS2)

Shanti Bergel (SVP - Business and Corporate Development, GREE)
Matt Hannus (CEO, Sleepy Giant Entertainment)
Darion Lowenstein (VP Game Production, Scopely)
Jason Morrell (Director of Sales, Virtual Piggy)

5:30-6:30 PM: Evening Networking Reception (Presented by HitFox)

7:00-10:00 PM: Official After Party (Presented by Application Developers Alliance)


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Day 2 – May 15, 2013

Upgrading the User Experience

9:00-9:30 AM: Fight Back Against the Mute Switch: Mobile games and the audio that makes them successful

While mobile games continue to be the largest growing segment of the gaming industry, perfecting music, SFX, and voice over audio for smartphones and tablets remains a work in progress for developers.

  • Understand the requirements and limitations of audio for mobile games.
  • Evaluate the smartphones and tablets with the best and worst audio capabilities for games. Who is excelling and who needs to improve?
  • Find out how audio quality effects player engagement.

Nick Thomas (Co-founder, SomaTone Interactive)

9:30-10:00 AM: Under the Hood: The complicated process of creating simple user interfaces in mobile games

As game developers continue to compete for the attention of the players, it’s becoming increasingly important to design a simple and intuitive interface.
However, simplicity is not simple. It means rethinking every aspect of the customer experience, designing and redesigning until what remains is what’s essential and fun, and using the right tools to measure your work.

  • Analyze the common best practices that mobile game developers use and the mistakes they are making on a regular basis.
  • Learn the tips and tricks necessary to create a simple, yet engaging user experience on mobile devices.
  • Understand data driven design - Using analytics to measure your design and incorporate usage patterns.

Eyal Rabinovich (VP Marketing, PlayScape)

10:00-10:30 AM: Morning Coffee Break

10:30-11:05 AM: Engine-ering Mobile Games: Finding the perfect engines to build your mobile games

After years of having to create game engines on their own before even beginning to get into the fun of making their mobile games, developers now have a wide range of mobile game engines at their disposal that can be used to accelerate the development process of their latest games.

  • Open Source vs. Closed Source Engines: Debate if paying for a game engine will lead to positive ROI down the road, or if an open source engine will offer you comparable development tools without the upfront costs.
  • 2D vs. 3D Engines: Understand your open and closed source mobile game engine options.
  • OS Observations: Break down the most popular mobile game engines for iOS versus Android.


Carlos Icaza (CEO, Lanica)


Rob Grossberg (CEO, TreSensa)

Grant Viklund (CEO, backCODE)

Emerging Markets in Mobile Gaming

11:10 AM-12 PM: (Keynote Panel) Vegas at Your Fingertips: The emergence of social casino games on mobile devices

Recent industry estimates have predicted that the social casino gaming market will be worth nearly $2.4 billion worldwide by 2015, with mobile devices becoming the fastest growing sector of this market.

  • Discuss the challenges of mobile social casino games in America. How can you keep gamers engaged for the long run without real money payouts?
  • Review the U.S. mobile social casino game landscape. Which types of games are most popular, who's playing them, and how much crossover is there between mobile social casino gamers and physical casino gamers?
  • Predict the future of mobile social casino games. Which players in the mobile gaming space are best positioned to make the jump to real money gambling when restrictions are lifted in the U.S?

Alan Dunton (Partner, TriplePoint PR)

Jonathan Flesher (EVP of Business Development, Betable)

Sumit Gupta (CEO, Bash Gaming)

Matthew Cullen (President, RocketPlay) 

12:00-1:00 PM: Lunch

1:00-1:50 PM: South of the Border: Exploring the development of Latin America's mobile gaming community

With over 450 million Latin Americans predicted to own smartphones by 2015, mobile game developers have been paying close attention to one of the world's fastest growing mobile markets. Our panel of experts will discuss the state of mobile games in LatAm, and identify the key factors that will shape the industry's future in the region.

  • Overview of the LatAm mobile gaming marketplace. Which countries have the most dynamic mobile development communities, and where are the opportunities for growth over the next decade?
  • Map out your monetization strategies. How do LatAm gamers pay for virtual goods, and what steps can mobile developers take to simplify in-game payments for their LatAm audiences?
  • Breaking down Brazil. What to be aware of before you attempt to crack LatAm's largest mobile gaming market.


Carlos Icaza (CEO, Lanica)


Eduardo Henrique (Co-founder & Head of US, Movile)

Travis Falstad (Executive Producer, Creative Technologies Inc.)

1:55-2:45 PM: Eastern Promise: Exploring the evolution of the mobile gaming marketplace in Asia

Recent industry estimates have forecasted that the Asian mobile gaming market will be responsible for one-third of all revenue derived from mobile games by 2015. Thanks to rapid growth in smartphone and tablet penetration in Korea, Japan, and China, the Asian market for mobile games offers enormous benefits and challenges for developers looking to bring their games out East.

  • Understanding the three major players in the Asian mobile games market - An overview of the similarities and differences between Korea, Japan, and China from a monetization, discoverability, audience, and regulation standpoint.
  • Analyzing the challenges international game developers face when entering the mobile gaming market in Asia, from working with regional partners to localization.
  • Evaluating the future of mobile games in Asia - What are the key trends and markets set to emerge in the region over the next decade?

Tae Kim (Director of Business Development, DDM) 


Chris Pitz (VP Marketing & Publishing, Kabam)

Jeff Lyndon (EVP & Co-founder, iDreamSky Technology) 

Chih-Han Yu (CEO, Appier) 

Randy Lee (VP Global Business Development, CrowdStar)

Josh Burns (Director of Developer Relations, CocoaChina)

2:45-3:00 PM: Afternoon Coffee Break

The Business Of Mobile Games

3:00-3:45 PM: Open for Business: Best practices for hiring talent in the growing mobile gaming economy

The rapid expansion of the mobile gaming ecosystem has resulted in an overwhelming demand for new employees that can specialize in the creation, monetization, and marketing of mobile games.

  • Evaluate the current climate for employment in the mobile gaming sector, which positions are anticipated to be most in demand over the next five years?
  • Discuss how you can most effectively scout and source mobile focused talent from both inside and outside the gaming industry.
  • Determine which areas of the U.S. will be experiencing the most growth in mobile gaming professionals over the next five years.


Benjamin Cavallari (Founder, Academic Relations Consulting)


Yoshimi Iyadomi (President, TS2)
Dan Winters (VP External Relations, Activision)
Stephen Saiz (GM - Mobile, Majesco Entertainment)
Myha Trieu (Director of HR & Talent Acquisition, Machine Zone)

3:45-4:20 PM: Joint Forces: Harnessing the power of crowdfunding, the distribution reach of publishers, and the creditability of traditional VC funding to start and grow your mobile gaming business

As the mobile gaming industry continues to expand, competition for funding amongst developers and publishers has become increasingly more competitive. From angel investors and VC's to raising money on your own through crowdfunding, our expert panel breaks down the challenges and opportunities involved in getting your studio the funding that it needs.

  • Overview the pros and cons of raising money through angel investors, VC's and publishers versus doing it on your own through crowdfunding.
  • Understand what angels, VC's, and publishers are looking for before they decide to invest money in a mobile game studio. What types of mobile developers have been most successful in raising funds? 
  • Learn the strategies that mobile developers have utilized during successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Josh Hong (Co-founder, KNOW Projects)

Dan Fiden (Partner, Signia Venture Partners) 
Pany Haritaros (VP of Mobile, Kongregate)
Tracy Moore (Co-founder, Mindblown Labs)
James Min (Managing Partner, Telos Advisors)

4:20-5:00 PM: Start Me Up: How incubation and acceleration programs can lead your mobile gaming dreams to fruition

Incubation and acceleration programs have played a significant role in the development of successful mobile gaming enterprises, with firms sprouting up to help take these businesses and their games to market.

  • Understand the incubation and acceleration program timeframe, from the application process to officially launching your studio.
  • Evaluate your options for revenue sharing and equity. Find out what you can be expected to give back in exchange for the support of incubators/accelerators.
  • Investigate how VC's view studios that launch through these programs.


Jill Ford (Consultant)


Keith Katz (Co-founder, Execution Labs)
Sana Choudary (CEO, YetiZen)

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